If you host multiple sites within the very same account and one of them gets hacked, it's quite possible that all of them will be hacked after that. There are different reasons why this could happen, the two most popular are: using really weak passwords or using out-of-date scripts with known weaknesses. In this way, one single compromised Internet site will do lots of damage to all your websites, as gaining access to a single script normally allows hackers to access the web hosting account. This is the reason why we've developed an outstanding security option called JailHost. Once enabled, this feature will literally lock a site within its folder, so if an attacker takes over it, the remaining sites in the account will be hidden. Thus they'll be protected from further intrusion. The JailHost option does not mean that you should not keep your Internet sites up to date, but it will significantly minimize the damage.

JailHost in Shared Website Hosting

JailHost is available as a standard with all the shared website hosting packages that we provide and you can turn it on with only a click in your Hepsia Control Panel. In contrast to other Control Panels where add-on domains keep their content in the main domain folder, each domain or subdomain in Hepsia has its very own folder, so using JailHost can make a major difference. You will be able to select which websites will use this feature and will be locked depending on your content as you may have some site where you want to allow users or admins to be able to access other folders in your web hosting account. Nevertheless, this option will add an extra level of security to your Internet sites in addition to the firewalls which we use and even if any of your websites gets hacked, you will be able to recover it quick and easy using any of the several daily backups of your entire account that we'll generate.

JailHost in Semi-dedicated Hosting

JailHost is provided with all our semi-dedicated hosting packages, so in case you host several different websites, you can isolate them from one another so as to keep them safe. This feature must be activated for each and every site and is not enabled by default, to avoid interference with scripts that require access to multiple folders within the account. Enabling it for all other domains will take no more than a few clicks inside the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel. Unlike other Control Panels, Hepsia doesn't place several sites under the main domain folder. Instead, each and every domain or subdomain has its very own folder, which makes it easier to manage and secure all your Internet sites. In case that an Internet site inside your account is hacked, not only will your other websites remain untouched, but we'll also be able to recover the damaged site in a short time since we will have multiple backup copies of your content.